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Who uses permanent concrete tire wash systems?

construction crews

aggregate sites

waste haulers

Example tire wash applications:

prevent track-out

 vehicle undercarriage and wheel well cleaning

dust control

Permanent Concrete
Tire Wash Designs

Concrete based tire wash designs are meant for long continuous years of use, usually about 20 to 25 years.

The concrete wash rack is designed to handle all truck sizes, truck weights as well as volumes of truck traffic. Additionally, the concrete truck was  is designed to manage water and soil flows once they are cleaned from the

The Concrete Based Tire Wash usually involves more time to install than the Steel Modular Tire Wash. Most concrete wash racks are accompanied by a concrete poured in place water tank. These concrete tanks are designed to manage solids as well as water flows. The time required to pour a concrete tan k is approximately 1 month.

The STB 200 Truck Wash systems are used in the largest landfills and quarries in America. These sites are the most difficult to remove mud from their truck tires.

The STB 200 Tire Wash and Wheel Wash pictures are shown in our website.

All tanks have an OSHA approved railing around them. The concrete wash rack could either have steel splash walls installed or a steel building placed around it. Signal lights can be added to the building for easy and safe flow of traffic.

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